What is it?
uberBlogCreator 2 is the new version of a fantastic Web 2.0 property account creator and article uploader.

What does it do?
It creates hundreds, thousands (or more!) accounts on 16 different Web 2.0 properties, such as WordPress, Tumblr, My.Opera, LiveJournal and more. Even better, it uploads articles, links, images - whatever you want - to all those platforms!

Why would I want it?
Because it is amazing. Because in order for your site to be successful, you need thousands of high-quality backlinks. Now imagine if you had hundreds of different WordPress blogs with hundreds of articles all pointing to your website - and that's just one platform. uberBlogCreator now supports 16.

My own links? So it supports HTML?
Yes. uberBlogCreator has complete HTML support for articles that you're uploading. What's more, uberBlogCreator 2 can also grab the articles from feeds and post them to your web 2.0 account!
Why is uberBlogCreator better than the others?

Because it is. Competition is fierce. But uBC wins. For example, most other tools use the Internet Explorer engine to render pages. IE is slow. uberBlogCreator uses its own, headless browser. This means that uBC never downloads unnecessary images, styhlesheets, icons, JavaScripts... - only the things you need. Also, lots of other tools are incomplete - not including proxy support in article scraper is one example.

uberBlogCreator includes proxy support accross all of its modules. And the best part? uBC is the cheapest of all the tools out there!

How is it better than the original uberBlogCreator?

Uber Blog Creator

This software allows you to create hundreds, thousands of accounts across 16 diferent platform (including: WordPress, Squidoo, Tumblr, LiveJournal, My.Opera and many more!),
upload articles to them that automatically link to your website. Bonus feature? Less trouble for you, uberBlogCreator 2 also includes an article scraper module.

It’s truly a miraculous IM automation tool!

~~~ What are some thing you can do with uberBlogCreator 2 ? ~~~

Consider this:

You want to upload 1028 unique articles across 124 accounts which all link to your website.

Easy as 1-2-3!
In uberBlogCreator 2, simply select the Account Creation module, set the number to 124, load the “usernames” file or let uberBlogCreator create random usernames for you.
Select platforms you want and let it run!

Then, click on the Article Scraper module. Input your keywords. Set the “number of articles to scrape” to 1028.
Select the article directories, make sure WordAI spinning is selected, and let it run!

When you are ready to upload them, simply go to the Article Uploader module.
Define in settings that you want uberBlogCreator to automatically recognize your keyword and link it to your website. You’re ?done!

In three simple mouse clicks, you can have 1028 articles (or more!) all linking to your website!

It can do A LOT!
Here’s an incomplete list of features of uberBlogCreator (complete one would be too long):=
Creates accounts across 16 different, top-PR platforms
= Uploads articles to those same platforms
= Scrapes articles from top-notch article directories
= uberFast! Does not use Internet Explorer – uses its own, headless browser which doesn’t download unnecessary images, stylesheets, etc - only things you need!
= Supports both public and private proxies in all modules with built-in proxy checking
= Manual, De-Captcher.com, DeathByCaptcha, ByPassCaptcha, CaptchaSniper and rotate all decaptcha support
= Automatically activates inbound activation emails
= Can generate random usernames for total ease
= Multithreaded, all modules (up to 320 threads at once!)
= Can add tags to articles
= Can add articles to categories
= Saves, loads projects
= Supports Spintax with infinite nesting
= Supports adding and using multiple email accounts
= Spins scraped articles using WordAI
= Handles errors in a user-defined, smart way
= Work-scheduler: drip feed your content!
= Full HTML support
= Can preserve HTML when scraping for articles
= Automatically optimizes for use in uBC when scraping articles
= Completely mimics human behavior when performing any task
= Automatically recognizes your keywords in articles and links them to your website
= Can add anchor link/text before and after every uploaded article
= Can scrape any RSS/XML/Atom feed for content and upload it
= Automatically rotates user-agents, including operating systems
= Fully supports UTF-8
= Every article can have its own title
= Every blog can have its own title
= Automatically deletes introductory posts by the platforms
= and many, many more features I forgot!

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